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Data Jumbo on Product Blog

Mastering Data Visualization: Unveiling the Power of Notion.

Habit Tracker: Leveraging Notion Database and Data Jumbo

Harness the power of habits for personal growth! Studies show that 40% of our daily actions are habits and tracking them boosts goal achievement by 42%. Notion provides an organized platform for habit listing, while Data Jumbo elevates tracking with visual insights and deep analysis. Dive into intentional living by merging these tools and supercharging your habit formation. Embrace the transformative journey today! #HabitRevolution 📊✨
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Top 5 Charts Every Business Should Use and Why

In a world where we collect lots of information, it's important to show it in a way that's easy to understand. Think of charts as picture stories that help us see what the information is telling us. Let's learn about the top 5 picture stories every business likes to use!
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How to create a Chart in Notion quickly

This article provides a guide on using Data Jumbo, a data visualization tool, to create advanced charts from Notion databases and embed them directly into Notion pages.
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10 Best Google Sheet Templates for Small Businesses (2024)

In this article we have curated 10 best templates to for your small business.
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